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1. What is Chillzee KiMo?

Chillzee KiMo is a premium online publishing and digital reading subscription service.

This service is a sincere and honest effort from our side to connect readers to quality books at affordable cost.

Chillzee KiMo - the connecting link...!

2. Why add your books to Chillzee KiMo service?

Chillzee KiMo is DIFFERENT from other online publishing services.

Salient features of Chillzee KiMo:
  • FREEDOM - No platform specific restrictions for general publishing services. You are free to publish books in Chillzee KiMo while using other self publishing or traditional publishing services.
  • STAND OUT - Chillzee KiMo is a simple platform with hundreds of books. It is easy for our readers to identify each and every author. There is no way you will be lost in the crowd.
  • GUIDED SERVICE FOR FREE - Chillzee KiMo blends tradition and modernization together. If you are a new-age writer with knack for self-publishing, we have "Upload eBook" option just for you.
    If you are a traditional writer, we are more than happy to assist you personally to bring your books online in Chillzee KiMo. Write to us -
  • READER FRIENDLY - Chillzee KiMo doesn't require extra hardware or software. Our subscription plans starts at Rs.50 / $1.49 and is very easy on pockets for our readers

3. How can I add my books to KiMo?

There are are two ways to add your eBook to our reading service.

1. Upload the eBook

  • You need a valid Chillzee KiMo account to upload your eBook. If you don't have an account, visit the Registration page.
  • Login to your Chillzee KiMo account and visit Add eBook page.
  • Fill in the form and upload your manuscript.

2. Share your eBook by email

  • Send your manuscript to -
  • Our Team will help you to publish your eBook in Chillzee KiMo Service.

  • 4. eBook Royalty Details

    Chillzee believes in transparency!

    Every page our subscribed readers read will be recorded and will be used to calculate the total royalty.

    Here’s our simple formula:

    Every ten pages read = ₹1.

    Daily, Monthly and Payment reports are shared with authors.

    The accrued royalty will be remunerated via direct bank deposit (only Indian banks) or Paypal (International payments)

    5. I am a writer. How can I publish my Chillzee stories in KiMo?

    Getting started with Chillzee KiMo is simple.

    Chillzee Writers:

    If you have written stories at, send an email to, listing the stories you would like to publish in Chillzee KiMo.

    We will guide you in bringing your books online in Chillzee KiMo.

    6. I need more details / I have other questions.

    Have Questions or Doubts?

    Send us an email with your questions to

    If you prefer telephone conversation, please mention your telephone / mobile number in the email.

    We will answer your questions as soon as possible.