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1. What is Chillzee KiMo?

For Authors, Chillzee KiMo is a premium but manually guided online publishing service for publishing books online.

For readers, Chillzee KiMo is a low cost but high quality digital reading service.

This service is a sincere and honest effort from our team to connect readers to quality books at affordable cost.

Chillzee KiMo - the connecting link...!

2. What does Ki-Mo stand for?

Ki-Mo (pronounced as Kee – Mo [கீ.மொ]) is derived from the names of our finest supporters, Thenmozhi and Keerthana.

It is an honor to name our first premium service based on those two stupendous women.

3. How KiMo works?

Step 1: Authors share their novel (full story) with Chillzee KiMo team -

Step 2: Chillzee KiMo Team reviews the story.

Step 3: If approved, Team and author work together to publish the story online.

Step 4: Chillzee KiMo subscribers read the story and author accrues royalty for the same.

Step 5: If any changes need to be done to the story, author and team will work methodically to make the changes.

4. Chillzee KiMo - Monetization

Chillzee believes in transparency!

Every page our subscribed readers read will be recorded and will be used to calculate the total royalty.

Here’s our simple formula:

Every ten pages read = ₹1.

All these details will be shared in an online report for the author to review.

The calculated royalty will be remunerated via direct bank deposit (only Indian banks)

5. How to get started with Chillzee KiMo?

Getting started with Chillzee KiMo is simple.

Chillzee Writers:

If you have written stories at, send an email to, listing the stories you would like to publish in Chillzee KiMo.

New Writers:

As always, we cordially welcome new writers to Chillzee family. Send us an email to with following details:


Name of the stories to be published in KiMo

Are these stories already published?

If yes, are they published online or in paper format?

Your contact information

How did you hear about Chillzee KiMo?

Have Questions or Doubts?

Send us an email with your questions to

If you prefer telephone conversation, please mention your telephone / mobile number in the email.

We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

6. Why select Chillzee KiMo?

Chillzee KiMo is DIFFERENT from other online publishing services.

Though 5-star hotel meals are lavish and luxurious, mom’s simple dish tastes better, doesn’t it!

Similarly we are people focused. The name Ki-Mo is a proof for the same.

Salient features of Chillzee KiMo:
  • Family friendly and is served with affection and care!
  • Emphasis on the writers’ trust and readers’ happiness.
  • Tradition and modernization blended together.
  • Trusted by multitude of authors
  • Doesn't require extra hardware or software.
  • Built on trusted Chillzee web platform
  • No copyright constraints or requirements
  • Upright option for authors, at the same time, easy on pockets for subscribers.

7. About Chillzee:

Chillzee platform was created and currently run by reading enthusiasts.

Chillzee Authors - Readers

We have been publishing online stories since 2009.

We have introduced many authors.

We are blessed with thousands of reliable readers.


We have always managed to stay with the latest technology and thus enabling non-tech writers / readers to reap the benefits of the new technologies.

Managing Critics and Feedback

Being a process oriented team, we regularly receive feedback from our readers and writers.

As with any service, we have been commended as the best by many writers and readers and at the same time we have also heard a few murmurs in the other end.

We have accepted both graciously with a simple smile, making sure that we go back, and verify that the approval and / or feedback is taken in to our system and our process is fine-tuned to stay the best in the arena.

Be kind and sincere is our motto.

So, let’s get ready for the new reading experience!