Kids Fun Stories - Deepak Charan

Kids Fun Stories - Deepak Charan

Hi Friends,

I would like to share my son Deepak Charan’s few stories here. These stories are for the kids who enjoy reading. He wrote these stories when he was in 5th grade.

When I read his stories and motivated him to write more, I internally motivated myself to start writing stories. That’s how my journey started in writing..

He is one of the inspirer who encouraged me to write.

I’m glad to share his stories with you. Please share these to your kids and motivate them to write if they are interested. Happy Reading!!!

-Padmini Selvaraj


1. Detective Esac


This short story is a detective story about solving the stolen earrings case by detective Esac. This story describes how did detective Esac investigate this case and catch the thief. Keep reading! – Deepak Charan


Hey, guys! I am Kane Esac. I am working for CIA* (Criminal Investigation Agency).

Recently I got a call from the police because of a case. So I had to go.

I wasn’t that enthusiastic because I had to miss my reading time. I used to go every day for an hour to study in the library which was near the park.

The case’s house address was near by the library. When I went to that house, noticed that the library was closed. I asked the library security.

“Why is the library  closed? ”.

He told that it will be closed for a week as the librarian went to Germany for a workshop.

Then I headed to that place. It was an apartment which had around 10 floors. I had to go to the 8th floor, 2nd house. The house wasn’t that big but it was organized.

I asked a lady who had large earrings,

“Hello Mrs. My name is Kane Esac.  I was called here for a case.”

That lady’s eyes became red. She said,

“Hi, My name is Jenn. My gold earrings are stolen today.” ..

“Ok, Miss Jenn. Don’t worry. I will investigate and find the thief soon”

“Now, tell me about the house and the earrings”

“This house is key activated. Unless you put the key lock, you can’t open the door nor can you switch on any     devices.

The earrings were too small to be noticed and on top of that I kept it behind my teddy bear.”

I saw some scratch marks on the keyhole. Then I took the key out. The room became pitch dark.

I thought to myself,

“As long as we put the key, we can’t even see the thing and that to she put it behind a teddy.

The criminal might be smart enough to open a door without a key (the scratch marks) but no criminal is too dumb to look behind a teddy and that too take only one pair of earrings.

Then I asked that lady,

” Do your relatives come here often?”


“No, but day before yesterday I had a function in my house for celebrating my son’s birthday.

That was the time I put the earring behind my teddy. I hope nobody saw it”

That’s it! It must be one of her relative.


“Do you have a spare key?”

“Yes, I left it in my grandma’s house”

“Who came from your Granma’s house to attend your function” 

I took my notepad and my pen and started listing

“My Grandma, Grandpa, my younger sister, my uncle and aunt and their daughter.”

“Can you take me to their house day after tomorrow?”


----2 days after----

I went to her grandma’s house. It wasn’t far. The house was big. I went inside.

Everyone looked natural and nobody was suspicious. I started