Chillzee KiMo T-E-N Contest Winner - Saki

I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity that tuned my career of being a writer. Winning the SujWin contest is a great initiative milestone in my career that boosted me to write more and more.

And I also wished to extend the encouragement to the co-authors too..

Being an author is not something that you chose rather it chose you. Not everyone dared to expand their creativity to enlighten the world for a better cause, but a writer do. It might seem  like a sort of encouragement, but, to be honest, every single word a writer engraves on his/her pages has a worth of several millions. Whenever u get tired of this writing career you chose, remember somewhere a transformation that a reader inherits may happened because of your words. Never quit your life purpose for whatever the reason that dominates you.