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Winner announcement: Thiru Sujith memorial Tamil-English-Novel contest


Before we proceed, let us take a moment to appreciate each and every individual who has helped someone impacted by Covid-19 all around the globe. This pandemic has changed our life. Almost every one of us has been impacted by this pandemic directly or indirectly. But, it has also taught us to go back to our basics i.e. appreciate life, follow a healthy lifestyle and increased & improved family time. Let us hope things become better from here, and everything returns to normalcy pretty soon.



I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our judges, team members, contest entry writers and reading subscribers.



And, Thiru Sujith memorial Tamil-English-Novel contest winners are:

First prize - ₹ 25,000 * 2 = ₹ 50,000*

Kadal nilavu

Chillzee Review


Lethal impulse

Chillzee Review


Second prize - ₹ 15,000 * 2 = ₹ 30,000*

Pinai vendum panmaaya kalvan

Chillzee Review


Kadal serum mazhaithuligal

Chillzee Review


Third prize - ₹ 10,000 * 2 = ₹ 20,000*

Un nesam en suvasam

Chillzee Review


Seetha Avataram

Chillzee Review


Special prize - Honorable mentions

Our (myself and Chillzee KiMo team) BIG thanks to Management and Team for sponsoring these extra cash prizes!

Special prize - ₹ 7,000 * 4 = ₹ 28,000*


Chillzee Review


Ragasiya Snegithane!!!

Chillzee Review


Nin thiruvadi saranam

Chillzee Review


En mel undranukkethanai anbadi

Chillzee Review


* Face value of cash prizes

I would like to extend my huge congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest, and to all who won!


Final words to the contest

This contest has been our team's first big event and it was amazing to see everyone taking part. We are very happy to end it on a high note.

At this moment I would like to share a few cool feedback shared by our judges for the benefit of our writers:

  1. Spelling ,grammatical mistakes make a bad impression.
    1. Some novels had great story lines but lost it out in the writing style.
  2. Gripping story flow is essential.
    1. Some novels had an interesting start but were let down by a mediocre middle section.
    2. When we have a novel that has >30,000 words, it is important that the novel holds the interest of the reader till the last page.
  3. Different idea or a regular story line, a reader's perspective is important.


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Thank you.


Kind Regards

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